Name Denver
DOB October 10,2010
Height 1' 11"
Weight 45 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Breed Unknown

Denver was adopted October 7, 2011, and has become a huge part of the Kirkland Children’s Dentistry team – often playing with children and cheering them up! Since coming to the office out of necessity (due to separation anxiety when he was adopted), he has become a huge hit with the kids. Denver has been seen rolling on the ground with kids, playing chase, and just enjoying belly rubs in the waiting area. Several children share secrets with the Denver (and believe it or not, he is a great gatekeeper of secrets, never sharing what you have told him)

Denver especially loves meeting all the kids and playing with them! During your next visit, give Denver a treat and ask him to show off some tricks!

If patients or parents have allergies to dogs or are uncomfortable with him, please inform the front desk, and he happily stays in the back office.

denver denver1 denver2 denver3
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